Ness Labs Best Books of December 2023

As December unfolds, Ness Labs brings you a handpicked collection of this month’s best books. These cover a range of topics, from artificial intelligence to the science of attention. These books are chosen for their ability to open new doors of understanding and offer fresh perspectives on both personal and technological frontiers. Enjoy our selection, and have a great end of the year!

The World I See

The World I See – Ness Labs Book of the Month

This memoir offers an intimate and inspiring look into the life and work of Dr. Fei-Fei Li, a pioneering figure in the field of AI. It traces her remarkable journey to becoming one of the key architects of modern AI, skillfully intertwining her personal and professional life, and provides a compelling narrative about the evolution of AI itself. Through her life story, the book demystifies AI, explaining its complexities and implications in a clear and engaging way. Her experiences bring to light the extraordinary possibilities of AI, while also acknowledging its potential dangers and ethical dilemmas. Emotionally raw and intellectually rigorous, The Worlds I See is more than just a memoir; it’s a celebration of persistence, curiosity, and the transformative power of technology, as well as a testament to how personal experiences can fuel scientific breakthroughs.

Feel Good Productivity

Feel Good Productivity – Ness Labs Book of the Month

Departing from the traditional notion that success is a product of relentless hard work and grind, Ali Abdaal offers a new perspective: the key to productivity is actually feeling good. His journey from a stressed-out doctor to a successful entrepreneur makes this perspective both relatable and inspiring. Feel Good Productivity is a well-researched blend of psychology and practical advice, presented through a simple three-part framework: Energize, Unblock, and Sustain. It provides actionable advice which will make the book a great resource for anyone looking to enhance their productivity while also feeling good, making your projects feel so enjoyable that productivity takes care of itself.


Conscious – Ness Labs Book of the Month

Consciousness is a topic that has long intrigued philosophers, scientists, and thinkers alike. In her book Conscious, Annika Harris embarks on a journey to demystify this elusive concept, guiding the reader through the latest theories, scientific discoveries, and philosophical debates surrounding consciousness. She challenges readers to think beyond the superficial and to consider the profound implications of consciousness in our lives and in the broader universe. The discussion ranges from the possibility of consciousness being an illusion to its potential as a universal property inherent in all matter. The book’s strength lies in its accessibility; Harris presents complex ideas in a manner that is engaging and understandable for a general audience.


Seek – Ness Labs Book of the Month

Scott Shigeoka offers a practical guide for cultivating deep curiosity in a world increasingly marked by division and misunderstanding. Seek is not just about fostering curiosity; it’s about using curiosity as a tool for connection, growth, and healing in our personal and collective lives. challenges readers to look beyond their comfort zones and conventional thinking. The book emphasizes the importance of seeing the dignity in every person, including oneself, which is a crucial step towards understanding and empathy, and presents a fresh perspective on how challenges can deepen our connections with others and ourselves. It promises to shift perspectives, aid in understanding differences, and lead to a more curious and fulfilling life. A compelling case for the power of curiosity to transform our lives, this will be an invaluable resource for anyone looking to heal relationships and connect across divides.

Attention Span

Attention Span – Ness Labs Book of the Month

In this book, psychologist Gloria Mark explores the modern challenges of maintaining focus in a technology-driven world. Recognized as a leading expert on distraction, she delves into the intricacies of how technology affects our attention spans, offering surprising insights backed by her extensive research and debunking common misconceptions about multitasking and productivity. She also explores the role of social media and modern entertainment in reducing our already short attention spans and discusses what drains our mental resources and how we can effectively replenish them. Attention Span is a practical guide to regaining control over our attention in a world filled with distractions, with practical strategies for finding success in our careers and achieving wellness in our daily lives.

Do you have any books to recommend for the Ness Labs Best Books series? Please let us know via the contact form. We welcome self-recommendations.

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