The Affliction of Abundance

You’re about to launch a new product, but you can’t decide on the tech stack. You’ve been researching for weeks, worried that you might miss out on the perfect solution. Sounds familiar? This is FOBO – the Fear of a Better Option. It’s the lesser-known cousin of FOMO, and it might be secretly sabotaging your … Read More

Temporal Curiosity: Exploring the Past, Present, and Future

The idea of time travel has captivated human imagination for centuries. In H.G. Wells’ classic 1895 novel The Time Machine, the protagonist invents a device that allows him to travel through time, exploring the distant future. While we may still be far from physically traversing time, there is a way to embark on a temporal … Read More

The Alchemy of Generative Questions

We all know that children are curious. Very curious. In fact, children ask more than a hundred questions an hour. This is how they explore, learn, and make sense of the world. However, researchers lament that “over the course of their education, students and adults ask fewer questions and more passively accept facts as the … Read More

Manage your Mental Energy with Ben Wisbey, founder of Pylot

Ben Wisbey is the founder of Pylot, an innovative wearable to track your mental energy and help improve your productivity. We talked about the definition of mental energy and how it impacts our performance, accounting for fluctuating energy throughout the day, the results of their beta trials, and much more.

The Power of Personal Experiments

Imagine two aspiring writers, both with the idea of establishing an online writing presence. The first writer, Alex, sets a fixed goal: they aim to grow their newsletter to 1000 subscribers by the end of the month. Alex has heard that consistency is key, so they choose a topic, decide on a format, block time … Read More

The science of decision-making: why smart people do dumb things

Chocolate or vanilla? Trello or Jira? Atom or VS Code? Stay in or go out? Should I click on this link or not? We make thousands of choices everyday, often automatically, using mental models we have created over years of experience. Decision-making is the process we use to identify and choose alternatives, producing a final … Read More