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Do you want to understand how your mind works but donโ€™t have enough time to read the hundreds of articles on Ness Labs? Fear not. Here are our most popular articles ever. Start with these, then dive into the topics you care the most about.

  1. Time anxiety: is it too late?
  2. From FOMO to JOMO: the joy of missing out
  3. 30 mental models to add to your thinking toolbox
  4. Are we too busy to enjoy life?
  5. The speed reading fallacy: the case for slow reading
  6. Neuromyths: debunking the misconceptions about our brains
  7. The science of note-taking
  8. 30 life lessons I learned before turning 30
  9. Build your own mental gym
  10. Mindframing: a personal growth framework
  11. Donโ€™t pin the butterfly: not all hobbies need to become hustles
  12. Time management: do the things you actually want to do
  13. Learning how to learn
  14. IQ and death: why smarter people live longer
  15. Writing 100 articles in 100 days
  16. How to learn anything with the Feynman Technique
  17. The comforting pseudoscience of the MBTI
  18. How to get in the flow
  19. The psychology of happiness
  20. How to build a better writing habit

Anne-Laure Le Cunff

I’m an ex-Googler, entrepreneur, and part-time neuroscience student at King’s College. To get the latest articles, subscribe to my weekly newsletter about mindful productivity, creativity, and learning.

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