Transform your writing with Chad Thiele, Founder of Chibi AI


Welcome to this edition of our Tools for Thought series, where we interview founders on a mission to help us think better and work smarter. Chad Thiele is the founder of Chibi AI, a creative and versatile AI writing tool for bloggers, marketers, and storytellers. Chibi AI seamlessly weaves in prompts and automatically analyzes your text to offer suggestions to improve, including fact checking, so you can focus on crafting great content.

In this interview, we talked about the role of AI as a creative copilot, how prompts can help elevate content, using AI to overcome writer’s block, transforming the task of editing into a breeze, the future of AI writing assistance, and much more. Enjoy the read!

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Hi Chad, thanks for agreeing to this interview! Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. There’s lots of conversations going about how AI will replace writers. What do you think?

Can I say first, thank you so much for this opportunity. I’m a big fan of Ness Labs and the work you do. That’s an important question, and I understand the concerns surrounding AI’s impact on the writing profession. However, I firmly believe that AI will not replace writers but augment their abilities and enhance their creative process.

AI is not here to replace writers, but to be their copilot towards greater heights of creativity.I envision a future where AI works in tandem with writers, acting as a copilot in their creative journey. Rather than taking over the writing process, AI is a valuable tool that supports and empowers writers, helping them overcome common challenges, such as writer’s block or time-consuming editing tasks.

I understand the concern though. It’s a valid worry, especially with companies out there willing to create AI tools promising to deliver entire works “in a click.” This will lead to an overcompensation in the market where low-cost content will be relegated to AI (or to a VA using AI to generate lots of mediocre content). But as this sort of content starts to fail, the need for great writers will surface.

However, it’ll be a symbiotic relationship where writers bring their unique voice, perspective, and creativity to the work (some might say nuance), while AI tools like Chibi provide valuable support, guidance, and inspiration to empower the writer.

With AI’s help, writers can quickly generate a first draft. You could think of this quick draft like a sculptor’s block of clay, waiting to be shaped and molded by the writer’s chisel. But just as a sculptor’s true artistry comes from the intricate details and unique flourishes they add to their work, so too does a writer’s imagination and creativity.

It is the writer who brings the work to life with their unique voice and perspective. Together, they create something truly remarkable.

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So you’ve designed Chibi to be that perfect creative copilot.

Indeed, I’ve designed Chibi to be the perfect creative copilot for writers. I aimed to create an AI-powered writing app that actually complements the writer.

Writer’s block is obviously a thing of the past. Chibi has decimated that (as most decent AI writers have). But there’s a lot more to the writing process. Ideation, brainstorming, editing, reviewing, summarizing… all things Chibi helps with.

I’m sure most are familiar with ChatGPT by now. The difficulty of writing with ChatGPT is that it is a dialogue; a chat bot. You get the content then you must copy it out piece by piece. And it can be a challenge to get the best results from a chat dialogue. Everyone is talking about finding the best prompts to use in ChatGPT.

Prompting is exceptional in Chibi. Writer’s can use prompts anywhere within their document. Need to insert content after a certain paragraph? Easy. Not quite happy with how a particular sentence is worded? Rework it inline.

Chibi is designed with the classic writer’s experience in mind, offering a suite of tools and features that support  various aspects of the writing process—all in a familiar document format. It can adapt to the writer’s style and preferences, ensuring the generated suggestions and assistance align with their creative vision.

Ultimately, my goal with Chibi is to help writers create content they can be proud to publish and share with their readers. At the end of the day it is the writer who knows their audience. Chibi is just there to help the writer make their impact.

That does sound like the perfect copilot for writers. Specifically, how does Chibi work?

I couldn’t continue with features without first stating the intuitive, clean interface is a key feature itself. The focus on simplicity and ease of use, allowing writers to concentrate on their writing without being distracted by the tool… it cannot be understated how powerful that is.

The real star is the ChibiNLP engine. We combine large language models like GPT-4, AI21’s Jurassic 2, and others with our custom-built natural language processing engine. This fusion overcomes the limitations of individual models and provides writers with an enhanced copilot for their creative process. And this all works in the background while the writer writes.

Then our unique memory feature is a special area for writers to enter information they want Chibi to remember. This helps keep Chibi’s output consistent and relevant to the story, making writing easier and faster.

Smart menus offer just the right tools at the right time. No need to overwhelm writers with a ton of options if they’re not necessary. For example, when you select a passage of text you’ll see a menu where you can review or summarize it.

Or you can choose the powerful rework tool. This tool is literally magic. You can tell Chibi to do whatever you want to the selected passage. Such as ‘rewrite in the first person’, ‘exchange ramen for sushi’, ‘introduce a huge but lovable grizzly bear to the story’.

Check this out. Here’s a passage from one of my articles about sushi in Tokyo: “Sushi Iwa, located in the heart of Ginza, is a must-visit for any budget-conscious traveler looking for an authentic sushi experience. This hidden gem is known for its traditional Edomae-style sushi, made with fresh fish caught in Tokyo Bay. The chef, Hisayoshi Iwa, has over 20 years of experience and takes great pride in his craft. The menu changes daily based on what is available at the market, ensuring that each visit is a unique experience. Despite its high quality, Sushi Iwa offers affordable prices.”

After I select it, choose rework, and tell Chibi: “Do something completely random. Be creative” this is what he changed it to: “Sushi Iwa, located on the moon, is a must-visit for any space-conscious traveler looking for an authentic sushi experience. This hidden crater is known for its traditional Lunar-style sushi, made with fresh fish caught in the Sea of Tranquility. The chef, Hisayoshi Iwa, has over 20 years of experience and takes great pride in his craft. The menu changes daily based on what is available from the intergalactic market, ensuring that each visit is a unique experience. Despite its high quality and astronomical location, Sushi Iwa offers affordable prices that are out of this world.”

The editing possibilities are endless; limited only by the writer’s imagination. And you can do this completely in the flow of working on your document—no chat dialogue format to deal with.

Honestly, there’s so much Chibi has to offer I really can’t go into it all in detail. Here are a few… Custom templates allow you to train Chibi to write precisely the content you need. Variables save time when you find yourself writing the same things over and over. Leads can speed up your writing. Kickstarters help you get your content started quickly. Summarize can summarize tens of thousands of words in one shot. Chibi also offers completely customizable canvas you can set up how you prefer to write, and more.

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What makes Chibi different from other writing tools?

Ah, with so many AI apps popping up all over, this is an excellent question. Chibi AI stands out from the crowd in several ways—as you saw in the previous section. But I absolutely must start with the Community!

Without a doubt it’s the Chibi community that sets Chibi AI apart. Is it weird that I immediately refer to the community rather than some tech within Chibi AI? Our community is a dedicated space full of like-minded writers—away from social media like FB groups; away from “prying eyes.” We run monthly challenges, share helpful guides, support our users, and just have a blast. We like to think of it as our little neighborhood where we all help each other succeed.

Okay, back to technical ways Chibi is different. Our custom NLP engine and its ability to enhance large language models gives Chibi the ability to “see” your entire document, whereas other AI writing tools have what is often called a “look back” limit. 

Another major feature that sets us apart are our artificial narrow intelligence (ANI) models. These are models custom built/trained purely to do one thing exceptionally well. These are different from the fine-tuning you might have heard of. Our ANI models are not just fine-tuned large language models like those from OpenAI.

The huge benefit of doing this is we get to set our own quality and performance standards to meet. The result for writers is seamless. We sprinkle our ANI models all through the writing experience in the background to enhance the writing experience in many subtle ways.

The big players are entering the market. Companies like Microsoft, Google, Canva, and others. We set ourselves apart by focusing on our writers. These companies have such a large and diverse user base they’ll remain rather generic.

Whereas we’re able to continually fine-tune the writing experience specifically for our community of users and offer the absolute best results for them.

I guess when you combine the Chibi community with the ChibiNLP engine, ANI models—all wrapped up in a beautiful writing experience… That’s what truly sets Chibi apart. Our pure dedication to augmenting the writer, not replacing them.

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Can you tell us more about the writing modes you offer?

Certainly. Chibi AI offers three writing modes to cater to a writer’s specific needs: Article, Copywriting, and Story mode. Let me break down the differences and when to use each mode.

• Article mode: This mode is perfect for those looking to craft informative, well-structured, and coherent articles. It’s ideal for bloggers, journalists, or anyone who wants to communicate a topic clearly and effectively. Chibi focuses on providing accurate information (as accurate as AI models tend to be), organized paragraphs, and a professional tone. You’ll find Chibi “strays” less in this mode.

• Copywriting mode: Need to persuade and engage your audience? Then, the copywriting mode is your best friend. In this mode, Chibi becomes a marketing guru, creating compelling, attention-grabbing content for ads, product descriptions, or landing pages. It’s all about selling ideas and products with the power of words. You’ll find Chibi attempts to use persuasive language in this mode.

• Story mode: Unleash your inner storyteller! Story mode is designed to create captivating narratives, be it short stories, novels, or screenplays. Chibi transforms into a literary maestro, weaving together character development, dialogue, and vivid descriptions to immerse your readers in a world of your creation. You’ll find Chibi is the most creative in this mode, with an emphasis on storytelling.

We created these different writing modes because we understand that one size doesn’t fit all in writing. And in the future there will be specialized tools organized by mode so you can work even faster.

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One of the creative steps many writers don’t enjoy as much is editing content. How does Chibi address this challenge?

Ah, the notorious editing process – the bane of many a writer’s existence! But fear not, for Chibi swoops in like a superhero to save the day. With our state-of-the-art review and rework tools, Chibi transforms the arduous task of editing into a breeze. It really is the pièce de résistance.

Maybe that’s overstating it a bit. But what I mentioned in a previous question about the rework tool is no joke. It’s that good. You literally gain the ability to change text in any way you need. Need to add more SEO keywords to a passage? Rework them in. Want to simplify a passage so a fifth-grader can understand it? Rework it for a fifth-grader. Need to use more effective literary devices in your story? Rework them too.

The sky really is the limit. Whether you want to rewrite your prose with the eloquence of Shakespeare or the snappy wit of Oscar Wilde, the rework tool is your trusty go-to.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the review tool. If you’ve ever wanted a third-party review of your content—this is it. And Chibi doesn’t hold any punches. He’ll really let you know where your content lacks.

It might sting a little sometimes but the advice is nothing short of spectacular. It will absolutely level up the quality of your content.

Think of the review tool as your personal writing coach, analyzing your content and providing insightful suggestions on how to improve it. It’s like having a tiny, wise editor perched on your shoulder, except this one won’t spill coffee on your keyboard. Chibi considers factors such as tone, coherence, and more, ensuring your masterpiece is both engaging and accurate.

Engaging and accurate—those are good North Stars for impactful content. What kind of people use Chibi?

We’ve cracked the code and developed an AI writing tool that caters to a diverse range of writers. Our tool is not a one-size-fits-all solution, but rather a tailored approach that fully supports each unique role. With Chibi’s writing modes, we can hone in on specific needs and provide a personalized experience for many writers.

We have the authors, spinning tales that captivate readers’ hearts and minds. Chibi acts as their muse, sparking inspiration and providing support to weave intricate storylines, develop unforgettable characters, and keep those plot twists coming.

Copywriters use Chibi to craft persuasive and engaging content that keeps their audience hooked. Whether it’s punchy headlines, riveting product descriptions, or captivating ad copy, Chibi is their secret weapon for turning words into gold.

And let’s not forget about bloggers. Chibi is a blogger’s best friend, helping them to create engaging and informative content that keeps their readers coming back for more. Whether it’s a personal blog or a professional one, Chibi provides the tools needed to brainstorm around their topics, organize ideas, and write with clarity and precision. With Chibi by their side, bloggers can focus on what they do best – sharing their thoughts and experiences with the world.

What about you, how do you use Chibi?

Oh, where do I even begin? Chibi AI has become my trusty sidekick. A typical day starts with me sipping on my morning coffee, as I boot up Chibi to tackle the day’s tasks. I’ll go through a range of things. But since I’m primarily wearing a developer hat these days most of my use of Chibi is the rework tool.

Not for coding, but for helping me hone the messages I post into the Chibi community, Twitter, etc. I spend some time on custom templates too because I need to follow how Chibi users are using them. And templates help me ideate new ANI models too.

Chibi will help me spruce up content on the Chibi homepage and also in email sequences I set up for Chibi users. I also check in with the community and will often use Chibi to recreate issues users might raise—so that I can quickly resolve them, or showcase ways users can better use Chibi.

So, that’s a glimpse into my day with Chibi AI. It’s not just an AI writing tool – it really is my copilot helping me get lots of random things done throughout the day.

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How do you recommend someone get started?

When you first connect to Chibi you’ll get 10,000 tokens to use completely free and you’ll be greeted by a welcome page with a link to join the community. 

I highly recommend joining the Chibi community. We find those who join are significantly more successful in the app because we can directly support their needs. We offer lots of guidance there—including coaching level support—at no added cost.

First, get cozy with the interface. Once you start your first document you’ll find yourself in the warm embrace of Chibi’s beautiful design. Familiarize yourself with the canvas and tools to maximize your productivity. We find some users are hesitant to click around and try things. Don’t hesitate—click all over and try all the things.

Then, prompt your way to incredible results. You can write prompts directly in the document by typing ’/’ or clicking the “prompt” button that appears in the document as you write.

Prompts let you ask Chibi for very specific content that fits your needs. For example, “/write an engaging intro about ramen in Tokyo.”

After you’re comfortable with prompts I’d say rework is the next thing to try. The rework tool can mold your content into anything you need it to be. Chibi is like a skilled potter, expertly shaping the clay of words to match your vision.

To use it, select the passage of text you wish to rework and then click the “rework” button that appears. You’ll see a box appear where you can tell Chibi what you’d like to do.

Try things like:

  • Rewrite this paragraph in a more conversational tone
  • Add a personal anecdote about your experience with this topic
  • Make this section more persuasive by including statistics or data
  • Change the voice from passive to active
  • Add humor to this sentence without changing the meaning
  • Make this section more concise by removing unnecessary words or phrases
  • Rewrite this headline to be more attention-grabbing
  • Add sensory details to this description (e.g. sights, sounds, smells)
  • Change the tone from formal to informal

At this point, you have acquired the two crucial abilities to create absolutely amazing content using Chibi AI. 

There are additional tools and best practices but let’s not rush into it. By using prompts and rework, you have already accomplished a significant portion of what it takes to excel with Chibi AI. Over time you can pick up all the other things Chibi can do for you (and we’ll be glad to help in the community too).

This is great. And finally… What’s next for Chibi?

Our mission is to empower writers and creatives, giving them the ultimate copilot during their creative journeys. We’re continually refining and expanding Chibi’s capabilities to make it the best writing companion possible.

Here’s where the Chibi community comes back in. We always prioritize user feedback, ensuring that Chibi AI evolves in tune with the needs and desires of our community. We believe in the limitless potential of human creativity and are excited to see where the future takes us, hand in hand with our users.

Our biggest plans going forward right now are to offer more ways for our users to learn how to make the most of Chibi. We have some REALLY high-end courses planned—and might even embed them directly within Chibi AI in an interactive way.

So, buckle up and join us on this thrilling adventure as we continue pushing the boundaries of AI writing assistance, making the creative process more delightful and engaging than ever!

Thank you so much for your time, Chad! Where can people learn more about Chibi?

Thanks again for the opportunity. You can find Chibi AI on our website. You can use the discount code CHIBIAI15NESSLABS for 15% off the full Chibi AI monthly plan. Follow me on Twitter @GetChibiAI and check out the Chibi Community.

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