Mindful Productivity Library

A collection of thematic ebooks to explore related articles about mindful productivity. You can read the articles for free via the blog, or save time by getting comprehensive PDF and EPUB versions with the best content around a specific theme. The ebooks are easy to read offline and on mobile. It’s also a great way to support the free newsletter!

From Procrastination to Motivation

From Procrastination to Motivation - Mindful Productivity Ebook

This 16-page ebook includes five key sections teaching you techniques to turn procrastination into consistent motivation. First, you will learn about the neuroscience of procrastination: what exactly is going on inside our brains when we procrastinate? Then, you will study two models of motivation which will allow you to run your own motivation clinic. Finally, you will apply two methods to beat procrastination: one based on intrinsic motivation, and one based on the 10-minute rule of productivity. The bundle also includes a short reading list with books about procrastination.

Happiness on Demand


Sometimes, lack of productivity is the symptom of deeper issues. This ebook includes four articles teaching you science-based techniques to trigger happiness on demand. First, you will learn about the psychology of happiness: what exactly is going on inside our minds when we feel happy? What are the different theoretical frameworks? Then, you will study a simple model of happiness designed under the patronage of the Dalai Lama. We will also look at the brain chemicals of joy and happiness, and how to trigger them. Finally, you will learn how to handle negative emotional triggers.

Mindful Productivity Bundle

Want to get both ebooks? This bundle includes both From Procrastination to Motivation and Happiness on Demand in PDF and EPUB formats. The exact same content at a discount.

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