The Mindful Productivity Challenge

The Mindful Productivity Challenge

From chaos to calm in 30 days

September 1st may seem like it’s a day like any other, but it’s not. It means we have one third of the year left to achieve our goals.

When you have a growth mindset and care about personal growth, it’s tempting to ramp up our productivity and to power through so we can catch up — but it’s unsustainable.

Instead of applying unrealistic productivity principles and feeling demotivated when you fail to stick to them, join the 30-day Mindful Productivity Challenge to radically change the way you approach productivity and creativity, while taking care of your mental health.


Each day, we will learn about a specific component of mindful productivity such as metacognition, goal setting, time management, decision making, as well as methods you can use to get in the flow, avoid procrastination, and deal with the early signs of burnout.

The Mindful Productivity Challenge will leave you feeling calm, equipped to make educated decisions, and prepared to achieve your goals.

And because it’s hard to stay accountable without a support system, there will be group coaching sessions, online discussions, and, if you want, we will match you with a mindful productivity buddy so you can help each other throughout the month.

The Mindful Productivity Challenge starts on Wednesday, September 1st and ends on Thursday, September 30th. It’s open to all members of the Ness Labs community, whether you are a monthly member or a yearly member.

If you were on the verge of joining, this is a great way to give the community a try and to make new friends while improving your productivity system!

How does it work?

Each day, you will receive a short written explanation of a mindful productivity strategy, as well as a simple practical exercise to apply the strategy straight away. Once a week, we will have a group coaching session where we will discuss topics such as building support systems, managing our time and energy, dealing with burnout, and more.

In between group sessions, you will be able to share your progress and support each other in the online forums. You will also have the opportunity to be matched with a mindful productivity buddy to stay accountable throughout the challenge. At the end of the challenge, you will receive an ebook with all the mindful productivity strategies we covered throughout the month.

Why should I join?

There are more than 300 articles on Ness Labs. This challenge is an opportunity to not only study but practice the key principles of mindful productivity without spending hours reading through the content on our website. In addition:

  • You will make new friends who also love geeking about personal productivity, creativity, knowledge management, and mental health.
  • The 30-day format will act as a forcing mechanism so you don’t delay implementing what you learn during the challenge.
  • Historically, all of our extra education offering has been available to yearly members only. The Mindful Productivity Challenge is a great opportunity to give the Ness Labs community a try for one month.

What’s included?

Over 30 days you will learn the key principles of mindful productivity while connecting with fellow curious minds. The Mindful Productivity challenge includes:

  • 30 mindful productivity strategies delivered daily in a digestible format
  • 4 online group coaching sessions at various times to accommodate all timezones, all recorded if you can’t attend in person
  • Access to the community and the mindful productivity discussion forums
  • Matching with a fellow mindful productivity enthusiast to stay accountable
  • Workbook with all strategies and practical exercises downloadable on the last day of the challenge

What’s the time commitment?

Each lesson is designed to be easily absorbed, with a simple exercise to put what you just learned into practice. It would be ideal if you could block 30 minutes per day. However, if you have a couple of hectic days at work, you can catch up in your own time as all the lessons are asynchronous and the coaching calls are recorded.

What will I achieve?

By the end of the challenge, you will have a toolkit and strategies to be calm in the midst of chaos, to beat procrastination, and to take care of your mental health at work.

You will also have valuable connections with fellow creators by gaining access to the Ness Labs community where people like you strive to be more creative and more productive.

How do I join?

Anyone in the Ness Labs community can join. It doesn’t matter if you are a monthly or a yearly member. Click here to join the community and, once you are a member, click here to join the challenge — which, remember, starts on September 1st. We are excited to spend the next 30 days geeking about mindful productivity with you!