The Note-Making Challenge

Unlock the power of smart notes in 28 days

Do you take lots of notes but struggle to consistently create original content? Do you sometimes find it hard to find an old note that may be relevant to your current work? Does your note-taking app feel like a dark pit where ideas go to die?

Note-taking is good. Note-making is better.

Note-making is about shifting one’s mindset from passive collection to active creation. Instead of just recording content, the goal is to assimilate the information for long-term access.

Join the one-month Note-Making Challenge to build the daily habit of taking smart notes, connecting them, growing your knowledge, and generating ideas from the information you consume.


Each day, you will learn about a specific aspect of note-making such as fleeting notes, literature notes, and permanent notes, as well the overall process of crafting smart notes.

Based on the Zettelkasten method, the Note-Making Challenge will guide you through the process of creating a note-making system that works for you.

And because it’s hard to stay accountable without support, there will be knowledge-sharing sessions and online discussions.

The Note-Making Challenge starts on Tuesday, February 1st and ends on Monday, February 28th. It’s open to all members of the Ness Labs community, whether you are a monthly member or a yearly member.

If you were on the verge of joining, this is a great way to give the community a try and to make new friends while boosting your productivity and your creativity!

How does it work?

Each day, you will receive a note-making strategy, as well as a simple practical exercise to apply the strategy straight away. Once a week, we will have a knowledge-sharing session where we will discuss our note-making strategies and answer your questions.

In between group sessions, you will be able to share your progress and support each other in the online forums. At the end of the challenge, you will receive an ebook with all the note-making strategies we covered throughout the month.

What’s the time commitment?

Each lesson is designed to be easily absorbed, with a simple exercise to put what you just learned into practice. It would be ideal if you could block 30 minutes per day. However, if you have a couple of hectic days at work, you can catch up in your own time as all the lessons are asynchronous and the knowledge-sharing sessions are recorded.

What will I achieve?

By the end of the challenge, you will have a toolkit and strategies to create and connect your notes in a way that feeds your creativity.

You will also have valuable connections with fellow curious minds by gaining access to the Ness Labs community where people like you strive to be more productive and more creative without sacrificing their mental health.

How do I join?

Anyone in the Ness Labs community can join. It doesn’t matter if you are a monthly or a yearly member. Click here to join the community and, once you are a member, click here to join the challenge — which, remember, starts on February 1st. We are excited to spend the next 30 days geeking about mindful productivity with you!