The Wayfinder Challenge

Let’s be honest: New year resolutions suck. They’re impossible to stick to for many reasons. We fall prey to the myth of “new year, new you” and become overly ambitious. We forget that one year is a long time during which a lot can happen.

Instead of unsustainable resolutions, let’s make 2023 the year of experimentation.

The Wayfinder Challenge is a 3-week personal experiment during which you will focus on one pact — an action that you commit to repeat over a predefined period of time. For example:

  • Go for a run in the neighborhood twice a week for one month
  • Reach out to one domain expert every weekday for two weeks
  • Publish one newsletter every week for three months
  • Read five pages of a book every day for one semester
  • Organize a fantastic date with my partner every month for one year

A pact is a fantastic way to start the year without falling prey to unsustainable resolutions. The only goal of a pact is to learn and grow. If you don’t manage to stick to it, this is valuable data to design a better pact.

During the three weeks of the challenge, you will commit to a pact and reflect on your progress every week, with the accountability of fellow community members. You will learn how to practice metacognition and fail like a scientist. You will use simple self-reflection tools that foster personal growth.

How to join the challenge

The challenge runs in the Ness Labs Learning Community from January 16th to February 6th 2023, so you just need to join the community before it starts. It’s $49, and it includes virtual meetups, pairing with accountability partners, and access to our online discussion forums.

What to expect

When you join, you will be added to a dedicated space for the challenge, where you will be guided through a highly effective process to choose a pact and practice metacognition. You will also get a link to download the Wayfinder Tracker.

Wayfinder Tracker - Downloadable Template

There will be two live sessions: one on January 16th at the very beginning of the challenge, and one on February 6th at the end of the challenge. Both sessions will be recorded if you can’t join live.

At the end of the Wayfinder Challenge, you will be equipped with the tools to experiment with sustainable pacts and to design growth loops for productivity, creativity, and well-being. What’s more, you’ll be part of a vibrant community of fellow curious minds on a path to learn and grow together.