Wall of Love

“As someone contemplating a career transition to self-employment, I was so nervous about my ability to be productive without the structure of an organization. The Mindful Productivity Masterclass came at the perfect time. The methods of this course not only helped with my productivity, but also to manage my fears by demonstrating that productivity can be a self-correcting process.” — Meredith J. Webb.

“The Mindful Productivity Masterclass was one of the many benefits of subscribing to Ness Labs. The course made me take a break from hustle culture without losing the big picture and still keeping the focus on my goals. Beyond the expected from a productivity course (managing time, setting goals, prioritising), I also rediscovered the importance of reflecting and recharging. By the end of the masterclass, I felt energised and motivated with a renewed sense of purpose.” — Douglas Drumond Kayama (@douglasdrumond)

“The mindful productivity class was a game changer! Not only did it help me get back into the habit of doing weekly reviews, but it also completely changed the way I think about goal setting. I highly recommend this class to anyone looking to increase their productivity and bring more mindfulness into their daily routine. It was also great to be able to connect with others to share strategies and encouragement. Thank you so much for the tools and insights!” — Leanda Ryan (@leanda)

“Anne-Laure is skilled at researching complex topics, and condensing her findings into a digestible format that both entertains and makes you smarter.” — Leandro Thomas (@Leandro8209)

“The consistency and thoughtfulness of Ness Labs inspire me to question the ordinary and iterate towards being a better version of myself.” — Steph Smith (@stephsmithio)

“This was the resource I didn’t know I needed – so badly. Bite-sized but in-depth insights into my brain. Ness Labs has changed the way I approach work.” — Kelly Miller (@KellyFMill)

“The Mindful Productivity Masterclass was a blast! Anne-Laure’s material is everything you need to set up a system that makes you incrementally more productive without burning out. You learn from yourself and fine-tune your own road to progress on your journey. I also enjoyed the masterclass’s perfectly balanced workload, poetic metaphors, and gorgeous slides. A must.” — Clo. S. (@Clo_S)

“Mindfulness and productivity often don’t go together well. Typically, efforts to stay in the present moment and plan future goals and tasks at the same time are in conflict. Anne-Laure has created an excellent course that provides a framework and tools that combine taking a mindful approach and improving productivity. The Mindful Productivity Masterclass shows how to create “aims” for the future rather than specific goals and provides methods to work toward these aims in the present moment. This approach has allowed me to be more effective and lowered stress by focusing on the current task rather than worrying about goals to be completed in the future.” — Tom Naylor (@TomNaylorCPA)

“I loved the Mindful Productivity Masterclass. It cuts through the toxic productivity noise surrounding a lot of time management literature and learning, and is incredibly helpful for focusing on the key things that matter. I’ve already got real value from the emphasis on exploration over goals, and it’s been a powerful eye opener using metacognition to reflect on progress.” — Will Wats (@willwatts)

“Sometimes, you know what you need to do (or at least you think you do), but there is something that prevents you to go from theory to practice. I can’t describe what that something is, but I found it in the Mindful Productivity Masterclass. This masterclass helped me to move from planning to action, and the best part is the Ness Labs community, I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and I’m now reaping the rewards.” — Esteban Balderas (@EstebanBaldera)

“Mindful Productivity Masterclass provides a simple framework to dealing with complexity of modern-day challenges. I absolutely love the simplicity in which it’s bringing together various techniques into a consistent and easily applicable whole. The systems and tools are designed to fit into your life and situation. They will adapt to your challenges and capabilities instead of demanding you to live in an idealized world. They can be used immediately to reduce overwhelm, bring clarity, purpose and joy to your creative pursuits.” — Artur Piszek (@artpi)

“The Mindful Productivity Course has helped clarify the direction I want to take my online writing, simply by showing me how to think about the way I think. The ideas aren’t entirely new, but Anne-Laure presents them in a way that my brain can accept and act upon—minus the shame and inadequacy I usually feel when taking in productivity advice. For me, this is huge! So many times I’ve jumped onto something new, only to discard it when the shine wore off. It’s not an exaggeration to say that this course has blessed my life, and will be a lifeline-resource for years to come.” — Ellane W (@ellane)