Mindful productivity workshops

Knowledge workers’ best asset is their brain. Understanding how the mind works can become a secret weapon to work better and faster while taking care of your mental health.

Yet, searching for productivity strategies has become akin to crawling through a minefield: so many productivity gurus, bad science, and unproven techniques claiming to be designed to help you achieve your goals.

Ness Labs offers engaging, science-based workshops to make the most of your mind. Using the latest research concepts in neuroscience and designed for groups of 10-100 people, these workshops provide a space for learning, exploration, and discussion.

Riya Pabari - Testimonial for brain-based workshop by Ness Labs

“Anne-Laure led a fantastic workshop for our tribe on the topics of Growth Mindset & Metacognition. She has a wonderful ability of simplifying the complex and making scientific concepts both accessible and applicable. And her delivery style is totally unique—engaging, insightful and wonderfully human.”

Riya Pabari, CEO, Founders Academy.

Because people learn best by doing, all workshops balance interactive exercises and discussions, as well as space to figure out how to implement these strategies.

Past partners include the World Economic Forum, The Hustle, Backed VC, Founder Summit, and Founders Academy. The workshops are currently all delivered online. You will be able to record the session and distribute the video internally.

Mindful productivity discovery session (1h)

This session is the perfect introduction to mindful productivity principles. Participants will learn about the neuroscience of motivation and distraction, how to be productive while working from home, and how to create powerful habits, routines, and rituals at work. 45 minutes presentation followed by a 15 minutes Q&A.

Metacognition workshop (1h30)

In this workshop, participants will learn how to implement metacognitive strategies to improve their learning and performance, and build their own thinking toolkit. Highly interactive, the workshop includes breakout rooms with group discussions and activities.

Mental gym sessions (1h)

We also offer a variety of mental gym sessions, which are better booked as a recurring event to offer employees or cohort members. Each session will explore a mindful productivity topic, with a short informal presentation, a practical activity, and a discussion. Past topics have included productivity, creativity, psychological safety, and more.

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