Brilliant Thinkers

As a knowledge worker, your mind is your most important tool. You can improve the way you use this tool by studying the way brilliant thinkers conduct research, connect ideas, solve problems and make decisions.

Using the knowledge gained by previous thinkers is also one of the fastest ways to make intellectual progress. To “stand on the shoulders of giants” is to upload these brilliant thinkers’ understanding to your own mind, to build on top of it, to share your new insights, and to keep on fostering our collective intelligence.

This series of portraits explores the thought processes, working habits, and decision-making principles applied by brilliant thinkers who profoundly impacted the world with their discoveries and the way they challenged the status quo.

To illustrate each article, we worked with Egyptian visual artist Aya Senousy, who in the past has exhibited her paintings at the Cairo Opera House and at the Farouk Hosny Foundation for Culture and Arts, and who has an exceptional eye for capturing thoughtful, authentic portraits.

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