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Are you interested in partnering with Ness Labs? We offer several partnership opportunities. Please get in touch if you would like to learn more.

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1. Sponsored features

We conduct sponsored interviews with founders of tools for thought, which are published on our website and promoted through our newsletter. We will research your product and ask you questions about your vision, design thinking, and the benefits of using your tool.

We are highly selective and only feature tools we think will be useful and relevant to our readers. If you have created a tool that supports productivity, creativity, collaboration, knowledge management, better thinking or mental health, please check this page for more information.

2. Classifieds

If you would like to promote a product in the “Brain Picks” section of our newsletter, please fill this form. Our readers are curious, smart, creative folks who want to achieve more without sacrificing their mental health — please ensure that your products are appropriate for our audience before reaching out.

We generally don’t promote health supplements, “brain training” apps claiming to improve cognitive function, and pseudoscientific psychometric tests. We are always happy to promote tools and products that can help our readers live happier, more productive and creative lives.

Previous products in the “Brain Picks” section have included creator tools, online courses, email newsletters, paid memberships, books, and apps to support productivity, creativity, mental health, and team collaboration.

3. Learning sessions

Our private community is home to over 2,000 members eager to learn about productivity, knowledge management, better thinking, creativity, mindfulness, and mental health. If you would like to host a webinar, please use our contact form and provide us with a short description, including format, length, and speakers.

Following the Pareto rule, learning sessions should be 80% sharing your personal, technical, or scientific knowledge about your field, and 20% talking about your product and how it solves the challenge you care about.