Founded in 2017 in London by an ex-Googler, Ness Labs builds digital products focused on wellness, creativity, and culture. Those products encourage people to practice self-care, cultivate their curiosity, and dare to create.

Our products are all technology-enabled, but the real magic lies in delivering great content in novel ways.

  • Lysa, the very first product created by Ness Labs, which gave its original name to the company, was a light-hearted nutrition assistant delivering tailored advice through Facebook Messenger;
  • Instalist is a community-curated collection of unique photo spots around the world, with an emphasis on culturally interesting but little known places;
  • The Creative Nomad is a newsletter celebrating the work of photographers, writers, and other makers who want to travel the world while creating content their audience will love;
  • #diversity30 is a collection of portraits highlighting incredibly talented and successful makers from diverse backgrounds + their advice to people who are getting started.
  • Make & Shine is a guide to personal branding for indie makers, featuring marketing tactics to grow their audience and get featured in the press.