Maker Mind #002

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The Mind Mansion

Hello friends!

Thanks to everyone who replied to my last email with life updates. It’s been great to catch up. If you were too shy or busy to hit reply, it’s never too late. And if, like me sometimes, you’d rather lurk in the shadows, that’s 100% fine too. 🙂

I had exams for my MSc of Applied Neuroscience earlier this week. It went okay. Not as well as usual, but that’s fine. This is a very technical module about the latest advances in neuroscience (think CRISPR, connectomics, and a bunch of other topics that never come up at a dinner party).

More importantly, I’ve decided to take up blogging again. I have fond memories of managing my blog as a teenager, tweaking the theme every week, and commenting on other blogs in my Internet circle. At the time, I was mostly writing about tech and weird stuff I would stumble upon on the internet.

This time around, I want to use it as a way to consolidate what I study and share it with you all. It’s all going to be about how our brain works, and how that impact our creativity, productivity, and mental health.

See below for a few of the latest articles. Hit reply if you have feedback or suggestions!

Brain food

A round-up of my articles about the weird ways our brain works.

Brain candy

Didn’t get enough? More goodness from around the web.

Brain hack

One hack to make you more creative and more productive.

To improve your memory, build a mansion. Not a real one, a Mind Mansion. Create the layout of the house in your head. Then, place the items you want to remember in very specific spots, for example inside the drawer of your bedside table.

Every time you need an item, you can just imagine walking to where you left it. This is an old technique that has been used by ancient Greeks and Romans, called the method of loci. It’s still used to this day, and is popular in particular in the World Memory Championship.

Until next week… Take care!

Founder, Ness Labs.

Anne-Laure Le Cunff

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