Free your notes with Laurent Cozic, founder of Joplin

Laurent Cozic is the founder of Joplin, an open source note-taking app designed to help you capture your thoughts and securely access them from any device. In this interview, we talked about why open source matters for note-taking, the benefits of offline-first note-taking applications, his commitment to privacy and security, and much more.

Reinventing the digital assistant with George Levin, founder of Hints

George Levin is the founder of Hints, an AI assistant designed to help you save up to one hour every day. You can talk to the Hints bot like you would talk to a human, which allows you to manage your business from your messenger. In this interview, we talked about the role AI can play in improving our productivity, the relationship between context switching and anxiety, the importance of streamlining tasks to increase focus, how knowledge workers can use templates to minimize distractions, and much more.

Eliminating the productivity paradox with Tariq Rauf, founder and CEO of Qatalog

Tariq Rauf is the founder and CEO of Qatalog, an intelligent work hub for teams powered by AI. It offers a self-structuring, centralized system to seamlessly manage people, knowledge, and operations. In this interview, we talked about the unnecessary complexity and fragility of patchwork collaboration systems, why we need to simplify our tool stack, what product design can learn from architecture, the power of modular business management, and more.

Use timeboxing to regain calmness and control with Marie Ng, founder of Llama Life

In this interview with the founder of Llama Life, we talked about the concept of time boxing, how it may be particularly useful to people who suffer from time blindness but can help everyone, the power of whimsical effects to maintain motivation, and how to set reasonable expectations to avoid overloading yourself with work.