Supercharge your research with Alec Nguyen, co-founder of Afforai

Alec Nguyen is the co-founder of Afforai, an AI tool to perform research and interact with documents. He is now on a mission to make AI tools more accessible to people, whatever their background. In this interview, we talked about privacy and security in the AI industry, why multilingual support is paramount for inclusive AI, the importance of reliability for knowledge workers, and much more.

Unlock your best work with Jim Kleban, Head of AI at Supernormal

Jim Kleban is the Head of AI at Supernormal, an AI-powered app that helps you create amazing meeting notes without lifting a finger, saving ten minutes every meeting. In this interview, we discussed the underpowered value of taking notes, the importance of building memory over the knowledge contained in meeting discussions, the critical relationship between note-taking and decision-making, how AI will shape the future of work, and much more.

Better discover and understand scientific articles with Josh Nicholson, co-founder of Scite

Josh Nicholson is the co-founder of Scite, an award-winning platform for discovering and evaluating scientific articles. Scite allows users to see how a publication has been cited by providing the context of the citation and a classification describing whether it provides supporting or contrasting evidence for the cited claim.

Transform your writing with Chad Thiele, Founder of Chibi AI

Chad Thiele is the founder of Chibi AI, a creative and versatile AI writing tool for bloggers, marketers, and storytellers. In this interview, we talked about the role of AI as a creative copilot, how prompts can help elevate content, using AI to overcome writer’s block, transforming the task of editing into a breeze, the future of AI writing assistance, and more.

Perfect your workflow with Kim Dan, founder of BOOX

Kim Dan is the founder of BOOX, a suite of products designed to simplify e-reading and facilitate digital workflows through user-friendly e-readers. In this interview, we talked about integrating your note-taking workflow with your tablet, the importance of using eye-friendly devices, how to boost productivity by using split-screen displays, how tech companies can collaborate together to meet the needs of specific user groups, and much more.