Building an infinite canvas for your thoughts with Julia Pierce, Director at Scapple

FEATURED TOOL Welcome to this edition of our featured tools for thought series! In this interview with Julia Pierce, we explore a hugely popular tool: Scapple, a virtual sheet of paper that lets you make notes anywhere on the page and connect them using lines and arrows. If you have ever scribbled ideas onto a … Read More

Learning through your ears with Yehoshua Zlotogorski, founder of Alpe Audio

FEATURED TOOL Welcome to a new edition of our series of interviews with founders of tools for thought! Yehoshua Zlotogorski is the founder of Alpe, offering audio courses to learn on the go. The courses are delivered by professors at leading universities and top entrepreneurs, such as Drew Boyd from the University of Cincinnati, and … Read More

Free your thoughts with the founders of Supernotes

FEATURED TOOL Welcome to this edition of our interview series, where we ask founders of tools for thought about their vision, mission, and strategies to think better. This interview doesn’t feature one, but two founders—Connor Neblett and Tobias Whetton, who created Supernotes when they were students. Supernotes is a fresh take on note-taking apps, based … Read More