Building a knowledge garden with Kosmik

Discover the power of visual thinking with Kosmik, a unique tool for thought that offers an infinite canvas for your notes, media and web browsing. In this interview with the founders, learn how Kosmik’s decentralized and distributed features, granular sharing and ownership tracking, and offline-first approach can transform the way you approach knowledge work and boost your productivity.

Building an infinite canvas for your thoughts with Julia Pierce, Director at Scapple

Discover Scapple, the virtual sheet of paper that lets you connect your ideas using lines and arrows. In this interview with Julia Pierce, learn about the benefits of mind mapping, effective idea connections, and the power of simplicity in design. Explore how Scapple can help you build an infinite canvas for your thoughts and work in a distraction-free environment to boost your creativity and productivity.

Free your thoughts with the founders of Supernotes

In this interview, Connor Neblett and Tobias Whetton, founders of Supernotes, discusses about their innovative take on note-taking apps. They share their vision for creating granular pieces of knowledge that can be easily linked and collaborated on, and their strategies for integrating different tools for thought. Discover how they bring the benefits of pen and paper to the digital world and revolutionize the way we think and learn.

The state of personal knowledge management

Discover the latest trends in personal knowledge management with our 40-page report. Explore a directory of 120+ tools for thought, the competitive landscape for tools for thought, and examples of knowledge management stacks. Learn about the 5 C’s of personal knowledge management and 3 opportunities for makers to leverage these trends.