5 minimal themes for TiddlyWiki

It’s extremely easy to change TiddlyWiki’s appearance so it better suits your taste and your workflow, but there is no central place to explore all the myriads of themes created by the community. Here are a few which create a calm working environment. To install these, drag the files listed by the theme creator, then … Read More

How to use TiddlyWiki as a static website generator in 3 steps

TiddlyWiki is an amazing tool for thought. It’s free, open source, and extremely modular. If you gave it a quick try and want to take things a bit further, you’re in the right place. We’re going to look at TiddlyWiki as a static website generator. Static websites are fast, they’re easily indexed by search engines, … Read More

Getting started with TiddlyWiki: a beginner’s tutorial

If you are looking for an open source alternative to Roam Research, TiddlyWiki is your best bet. Because it’s self-hosted—meaning you keep your data private—it may seem a bit more daunting to get started. So here is a guide which will take you from complete beginner to completely in love with TiddlyWiki in three steps. … Read More