9 useful templates for Roam Research

Roam is one of these tools that just work out of the box, but that can grow with you as your needs become more complex and specific. One such way Roam can grow with you is by using templates—snippets of pre-formatted content you can then reuse by typing a shortcut, rather than manually re-typing the … Read More

JavaScript plugins for Roam Research [[roam/js]]

One of the reasons why advanced users enjoy Roam Research so much is metaprogramming—the ability to modify Roam’s behaviour inside Roam itself, without ever touching its source code. By using JavaScript blocks via the roam/js feature, you can add new customise your experience. The good news is: you don’t need to be a programmer yourself … Read More

How to build diagrams in Roam Research

As a big fan of thinking in maps, I’m always curious about tools to lay out and connect ideas visually. Many people are not aware as this is a bit of a hidden functionality, but you can actually create diagrams in Roam. 1. Create the canvas. Type {{diagram}} and press enter. You can also type … Read More