What is Ness Labs?

You can think of Ness Labs as a virtual gym for your mind. It’s a platform providing neuroscience-based content, community, and coaching to people who want to make the most of their mind. The two main topics you will explore about when joining Ness Labs are mindful productivity (how to do more without sacrificing your mental health) and metacognition (how to think about thinking). Ness Labs is a place where you can learn and connect with like-minded people. It’s just like going to the gym, but for your mind.

Is Ness Labs a brain training app?

Hell no! Brain training apps don’t work. We make no claim to improve your mental fitness. Instead, we want to help you think better. What Ness Labs offers is a place to learn more about the way your mind works using neuroscience-based content and a community of fellow curious minds.

What is mindful productivity?

Mindful productivity is a sustainable way to work and think. Many productivity systems focus on getting things done, but few ask whether you should get these things done in the first place. In a world where speed has become a measure for performance, mindful productivity is about being consciously present in what you’re doing, while you’re doing it, in conjunction with managing your mental and emotional states. It’s a way to give us new perspectives on work and life; helping us enjoy the process and better understand ourselves. Besides helping with focus, mindful productivity also helps us notice signs of anxiety or stress at work earlier and better deal with them. Learn more about mindful productivity.

What is metacognition?

Metacognition, put simply, is “thinking about thinking” or “knowing about knowing.” It’s being aware of your own awareness so you can determine the best strategies for learning and problem-solving, as well as when to apply them. The word “metacognition” literally means “above cognition”—it’s one of the most powerful forms of self-monitoring and self-regulation. It’s a fancy word for something fairly simple once you break it down. Learn more about mecognition.

What is mindframing?

Mindframing is a mindful productivity method developed at Ness Labs. The first phase consists in developing the necessary mindframes for mindful, meaningful work, such as growth mindset, metacognition, and self-authorship. The second phase consists in turning goals into growth loops by encouraging a work approach based on creativity and continuous learning.

How does Ness Labs work?

Ness Labs offers a blog and a free weekly newsletter, with articles at the intersection of neuroscience and entrepreneurship. The best articles are available as thematic ebooks via the library. We also offer a free Chrome extension to remind people to take mindful breaks at work, with tips and links to the corresponding research papers. Finally, we offer workshops, 1:1 coaching and consulting to individuals and companies. Get in touch if you are interested in working together.


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Your mind is your most precious asset. Ness Labs is a virtual gym for the mind offering neuroscience-based content, community, and coaching.

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