Connectedness and complex systems with Dr John L. Collins

Welcome to the fourth instalment in our interview series, where I ask highly creative and innovative people how they manage to achieve more without sacrificing their mental health. Our guest is Dr John L. Collins, a Chartered Mathematician and Chartered Physicist who holds a PhD in Nuclear Physics and Semiconductor theory from Aston University. John …

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Dr John L. Collins Biography

I highly recommend reading this wonderful biography before you read the interview with Dr John L. Collins. It’s full of insights into the rich life experiences of a beautiful mind. This page is only available for Ness Labs members.  Learn more about the membership or join now.

Getting compound interest on your thoughts with Conor White-Sullivan

Welcome to the third instalment of Mindful Makers, where we interview highly creative people and ask them what they think about creativity, productivity, and building products that matter in today’s connected world. In the previous editions, we chatted with Buster Benson and Khe Hy. Today, we are pleased to take a deep dive into the …

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Interview with Conor White-Sullivan of Roam Research: full transcript

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Finding the big dominos in your life with Khe Hy

Welcome to the second edition of the Mindful Makers, where I ask some of the most curious and creative minds out there how they manage to balance productivity with mental health. This week, we have a special guest: someone who, alongside a handful of extremely talented content creators, has inspired me in my writing journey. …

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Embracing the discomfort of self-reflection with Buster Benson

Welcome to the first edition of Mindful Makers, an interview series where we ask highly creative people how they manage to do great things while taking care of their mental health. The first guest is Buster Benson, writer, entrepreneur, thinker, and overall wonderful human being. It’s a bit of a special interview, because I’ve known …

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