🔀 Switchboard

Do you feel limited by your current tool for thought and want to switch to a new one?

Maybe you are using a note-taking app and want to switch to a more fully-fledged productivity app, or maybe you wish you had access to more plugins to design your thinking space. Whatever the reason you want to switch tools, we got you covered.

Switchboard is a dashboard of “switching guides”, exploring in detail the reasons why you may want to switch from a tool for thought to another and why you should consider sticking to your current tool.

Once you are certain you want to switch, each guide includes a step-by-step tutorial so you can have a smooth transition. We will also tell you what to expect once you have switched to the new tool.

Add a switching guide
Roam to Obsidian

Roam to Obsidian

Make the switch for more plugins and a local-first app.

Notion to Roam

Notion to Roam

Go from architect to gardener with bidirectional links and block references.

Roam to Logseq Banner

Roam to Logseq

Switch to an open-source alternative with native task management.

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