Ness Labs Best Books of September 2023

At Ness Labs, we believe in the power of ideas and the profound impact of continuously feeding our minds with thoughtful content. Each month, we meticulously curate a selection of books that truly stand out in an ocean of new releases. This series aims to highlight the work that can serve as a compass to … Read More

Turning Fear of Failure into Increments of Curiosity

When I was younger, I badly wanted to live in Japan. Japan is a country with very strict immigration laws, but my university had an exchange program where you could go spend a semester and study in another country. There was only one problem: the Japanese university they had a partnership with was one of … Read More

The false promise of the 10,000 hour rule

Our culture loves experts. Whether itโ€™s athletes, chefs, or musicians, some of the biggest celebrities are considered masters of their craft, and we admire the long hours they put into practicing over and over again the same skills so they could become second nature. In 2008, Malcolm Gladwell published his popular book Outliers, exploring why … Read More

Talent archetypes: What is the โ€œshapeโ€ of your skills?

In the past, workplaces were filled with experts who each knew a lot about one specific area. The changing scope of businesses, with more fluidity between roles and responsibilities, later led to the rise of generalists โ€” individuals who are capable across a lot of areas but do not need in-depth knowledge of any of … Read More

How to make more time to read

Many of us would like to have more time to read, but life can get in the way of picking up a book. You will find plenty of well-meaning advice online, such as โ€œremove all social media apps from your phoneโ€, โ€œdonโ€™t watch TV in the eveningโ€, but the recommendations are often unrealistic. So what … Read More

How to access paywalled research papers without institutional access

The Internet is full of extraordinary allegations, promises of breakthrough discoveries, and content promoting new, innovative products. Some of these claims are supposedly based on scientific evidence, linking to research which you are told to read. So, you look it up, but the papers are hidden behind paywalls. What should you do? One option is … Read More