Tana: the all-in-one tool for thought?

Notion, Evernote, and Roam have long been the gold standard for online collaboration and note-taking. However, a new player has emerged that promises to be the all-in-one tool for thought everyone has been waiting for. This tool is called Tana. The end of context switching Knowledge work often requires us to switch between tools for … Read More

How to switch from Roam Research to Tana

Roam, with its bi-directional links and knowledge graph, is a great tool for creative thinking. But what if you also need dashboards, spreadsheets, and documents? You might then want to consider switching to Tana, a tool for thought that promises to end context switching. If you are thinking about migrating, follow this tutorial for some … Read More

How to switch from Workflowy to Notion

Workflowy is an excellent solution for people who struggle to stay organized. Researchers, writers, students, and anyone who has difficulty keeping track of information will find it helpful. However, it requires an entirely different way of thinking about your note-taking system, and may not be the perfect fit for everyone. A great alternative with similar … Read More

How to switch from Evernote to Obsidian

With the rise in popularity of networked thinking note-taking apps, you might think about switching away from cabinet-based note-taking apps like Evernote. While Evernote kicked off the age of digital note-taking, Obsidian’s flexibility and bidirectional linking make it a great alternative. Let’s explore why you may want to switch and how to migrate your data … Read More

How to switch from Notion to Obsidian

Are you thinking of switching from Notion to Obsidian? As a rule of thumb when choosing a note-taking app, Notion tends to better suit architects, while Obsidian suits gardeners better. If you feel like a change of tool for thought might benefit you, read this tutorial to explore why and how to switch from Notion … Read More

How to switch from Roam to RemNote

Note-taking apps for networked thinking such as Roam Research have made it easy to create connections and generate new ideas. However, if you need to study and memorize the content of your notes, you may benefit from switching to a note-taking app for learning, such as RemNote. With the promise of being your all-in-one study … Read More

How to switch from Evernote to Roam Research

Although Evernote has been the gold standard for digital note-taking for many years, new alternatives offer powerful features that are more akin to how the mind works. Gone are the days of plain old notes and cabinet folders. A new era of networked thinking has ushered to help us connect and generate original ideas. If … Read More

How to switch from Evernote to Notion

Evernote has been the go-to tool for digital note-taking for years, but recently a new app has been making headlines thanks to its advanced functionalities and team collaboration: Notion. With the promise of unlocking the power of an all-in-one workspace, many have contemplated switching from Evernote to Notion. If you are considering making the switch, … Read More

How to switch from Roam Research to Logseq

Ever since Roam popularised networked thinking, a few alternatives have become available. Logseq is local-first, plain text, and a block-based outliner app similar to Roam Research. While Roam partly inspires it, Logseq is not just a Roam clone and has features that make it a unique tool for thought. If you are considering switching from … Read More

How to switch from Notion to Roam Research

Are you considering switching from Notion to Roam? Both have their advantages: Notion is an all-in-one workspace with features such as tables and templates, while Roam focuses on helping you connect your ideas and exploring connections between them. As a general rule, Roam is best for gardeners, while Notion is best for architects. If you … Read More