The Power of Personal Experiments

Imagine two aspiring writers, both with the idea of establishing an online writing presence. The first writer, Alex, sets a fixed goal: they aim to grow their newsletter to 1000 subscribers by the end of the month. Alex has heard that consistency is key, so they choose a topic, decide on a format, block time … Read More

Ness Labs Best Books of December 2023

As December unfolds, Ness Labs brings you a handpicked collection of this month’s best books. These cover a range of topics, from artificial intelligence to the science of attention. These books are chosen for their ability to open new doors of understanding and offer fresh perspectives on both personal and technological frontiers. Enjoy our selection, … Read More

Your favorite minds as reading copilots with Oliver Sauter, founder of Memex

FEATURED TOOL Welcome to this edition of our Tools for Thought series, where we interview founders on a mission to help us think better and work smarter. Oliver Sauter is the founder of Memex, a tool designed to help you better read and research online, by yourself and with the collective knowledge of your most … Read More

Ness Labs Best Books of October 2023

At Ness Labs, we understand the transformative power of knowledge. In a world inundated with content, finding truly impactful books can be a daunting task. That’s why, every month, we sift through the vast literary landscape to bring you books that stand out—books that have the potential to reshape the way you think about life, … Read More