How to build diagrams in Roam Research

As a big fan of thinking in maps, I’m always curious about tools to lay out and connect ideas visually. Many people are not aware as this is a bit of a hidden functionality, but you can actually create diagrams in Roam. 1. Create the canvas. Type {{diagram}} and press enter. You can also type … Read More

How to use bi-directional links (backlinks) in Notion

Notion finally launched a popular feature request: bi-directional links, which they call backlinks. While it may seem like a simple addition, it may fundamentally change the way Notion users interact with their database, and it makes Notion a valid digital gardening tool. Bi-directional links are a game changer because they allow for a completely new … Read More

GPT-3 and the future of human productivity

The idea of artificial intelligence taking over the world is at least as old as Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, which was published in 1818. Public figures such as Stephen Hawking and Bill Gates have warned us against the reckless creation of superintelligent machines. In June 2020, OpenAI, an artificial intelligence research laboratory based in San Francisco, … Read More

Quote the web with Quotebacks

Looking to foster conversations at scale on the internet? Quotebacks, a browser extension created by Toby Shorin and Tom Critchlow, aims to reduce friction in cross-blog dialogue by allowing users to quickly save snippets of text from around the web and convert them into embeddable blockquotes on their website.

Roam themes: how to style Roam Research with custom CSS

FEATURED TOOL One of the most exciting aspects of Roam Research is metaprogramming: the ability to modify Roam’s behaviour inside Roam itself, without ever touching the source code. This ability opens the door for building custom algorithms for thoughts, and designing a thinking environment as close as possible to the way your mind works. Using … Read More