Digital Gardeners

Digital Gardeners is a small Telegram group for people actively using (sometimes building) digital solutions to tend to their mind garden. We discuss tools for thought, note-taking strategies, learning in public, tapping into our collective intelligence, knowledge management, metacognition, and more. We also help each other with technical issues or creative aspects of managing a … Read More

Building a knowledge garden with Kosmik

Discover the power of visual thinking with Kosmik, a unique tool for thought that offers an infinite canvas for your notes, media and web browsing. In this interview with the founders, learn how Kosmik’s decentralized and distributed features, granular sharing and ownership tracking, and offline-first approach can transform the way you approach knowledge work and boost your productivity.

You and your mind garden

In French, “cultiver son jardin intérieur” means to tend to your internal garden—to take care of your mind. The garden metaphor is particularly apt: taking care of your mind involves cultivating your curiosity (the seeds), growing your knowledge (the trees), and producing new thoughts (the fruits). On the surface, it’s a repetitive process. You need … Read More

Announcing the Winners of the Experimental Grants

Posted on February 8th, 2024 A month ago, I announced that I would celebrate my 34th birthday by giving away $3400 to help four people become scientists of their own life. I encouraged people to submit proposals for a personal experiment they wanted to run, where $850 would help make it happen. To maximize positive … Read More

Reopening the mind: how cognitive closure kills creative thinking

Finding answers is a highly-valued skill in today’s world, where more than ever knowledge is power. We pride ourselves in quickly resolving issues and creating consensus. In job descriptions, companies clearly state that they are looking for problem solvers. But what if this single-mindedness blinds us to more creative answers? What would happen if we … Read More