The state of personal knowledge management

Everyday, new tools for thought are launched. The personal knowledge management ecosystem is becoming incredibly complex. However, some visible trends are emerging: indie thinkers are making a living from conducting online research; tools are becoming more integrated; apps encourage active creation over passive collection of knowledge. This 40-page report reviews the current state of the …

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Cognitive biases in entrepreneurship: a research report

Scenario 1 – Joe and Jane decided to play a game in which they toss a coin a few times. Every time a head came up, Joe had to give Jane $10 and every time a tail came up, Jane had to give Joe $10. They could toss the coin any number of times they …

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How to build a spaced repetition system in Roam Research

Spaced repetition is one of the few evidence-based learning techniques you can actually trust will help you remember things better. In this short tutorial, we are going to use Roam Research to build a simple spaced repetition system from your notes. 1. Create your box You need a box with five sections to put your …

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How to use Google Sheets to create a life dashboard

Many productivity experts will recommend specific tools to better manage your work and your life. The truth is: you probably don’t need yet another app. I have been using Google Sheets for years to organise many areas of my life. Here is a step-by-step tutorial to get started with Google Sheets as a productivity tool …

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Interview with Conor White-Sullivan of Roam Research: full transcript

The full, unedited transcript of our interview with Conor is only available for Ness Labs members. Members get access to exclusive content, an intimate thinking community, and deals on apps and courses to improve their productivity and creativity. Learn more about the membership or join now.