The 3 components of motivation

Most of us have goals we want to accomplish. Some are bigger, some are smaller. Sometimes it feels easy to get the work done, and sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated and we procrastinate. Fundamentally motivation is the desire to act and move towards a specific goal. It often explains why humans act—or don’t—in a … Read More

“Keep showing up!” they said: the risks of presenteeism

Everyone has heard about absenteeism, a pattern of absence from an obligation, usually at work, which is often a sign of low morale. Much has been written about the cost of absenteeism, with some journalists calling it The Bottom-Line Killer. For entrepreneurs who don’t have a boss tracking their work hours, absenteeism may simply mean … Read More

The illusion of productivity

Ever since we learned to write, we have documented how special we are and how we differ from animals. Imagination, morality, and culture are traits thought to only be found in humans—or at least only found in humans at a higher level of development. Another aspect that seems to be uniquely human is the need … Read More

How to get in the flow

Have you ever felt like you were in a zen-like meditative state while working, mentally free to execute and apply your skills with no distracting thought whatsoever inside your mind? Feeling entirely absorbed in an activity? This is called being in the zone or getting in the flow. Those expressions are often used about athletes … Read More

Building intrinsic motivation

Earlier today, I received a very touching message from a dad. “Thank you for everything you do. You’re an inspiration and I’ve started to introduce my daughter to your work. I want her to grow up knowing strong women are doing amazing things.” An awesome dad on the Internet. Reading this made me feel incredibly … Read More

Mindful context switching: multitasking for humans

Multitasking has its cost. Learn how to improve your productivity and work better with your team by using mindful context switching. So many things to do, so little time. When you juggle work, personal projects, and are hoping to have any sort of social life, managing your time can feel like an impossible endeavour. There … Read More