Plus Minus Next journaling

At this point, most people know about the benefits of journaling. Read any self-development blog and you will stumble on at least one article telling you why keeping a journal will change your life. The problem? Most people can’t build the habit. We know we should keep a journal. But we don’t know how to … Read More

Ten keys to happier living

A few weeks ago, I took a training to become a certified Mental Health First Aider. It’s an amazing evidence-based training which has been designed in partnership with the NHS and is accredited by the Royal Society for Public Health. Here is the link if you’d like to take it in England, but they offer … Read More

The science-based benefits of gratitude

When going through tough times, our automatic reaction is to complain and dwell on negative events, which can result in even more anxiety and unhappiness. The word gratitude comes from Latin gratus, which means ”pleasing” or “thankful” depending on the context. Gratitude is a thankful appreciation for the people, experiences, and things we have. While … Read More

Dealing with anxiety at work

Whether struggling to meet a tight deadline or dealing with difficult colleagues, there are many reasons why you may feel anxious at work. Considering that most of us spend the majority of our days working—whether remotely or in an office—being able to deal with anxiety at work is crucial to managing your mental health. While … Read More

Impostor syndrome: the fear of being exposed as a fraud

“I am not a writer. I’ve been fooling myself and other people.” John Steinbeck, very talented and successful author who won the 1962 Nobel Prize in Literature. Yesterday, I launched my newsletter on Product Hunt. The launch went incredibly well, with 1,300 new subscribers joining the list, lots of kind comments, and a second spot … Read More

Why we cry more easily on planes

I always cry at least once when on a long-haul flight. It happens to me even when the movie I’m watching is not particularly sad. And apparently, I’m not the only one experiencing this strange phenomenon. As someone who travels quite a lot, I became curious about the science behind why we cry more easily … Read More

Environmental psychology: what to put on your bedside table

The environment around us shapes us as individuals. Environmental psychology focuses on the interplay between people and their surroundings: how our environment affects our behaviour, our performance, and our well-being. While environmental psychology is used in many fields such as interior design, architecture, retail, education and more, I want to briefly explore its implications applied … Read More

From FOMO to JOMO: the joy of missing out

I’m lucky to live in a city where lots of stuff happens. There’s always a conference, an exhibition, small meetups. I never really struggle to find something to do. I also spend a lot of time on the Internet, so there are talks, live streams, and chats happening online. And then, of course, there are … Read More

Taking note of nature

I just spent the weekend in Champagne, France, in an old country house, with good food and good friends. Despite the rain, we spent most of our time outside observing the flowers, trees, and the insects and animals roaming the land. This was the first time in a long time where I didn’t touch my … Read More

Science-based tips to sleep better

Sleeping is strange. We spend on average a third of our life asleep. That’s time we’re not spending working, socialising, or reproducing. Yet, sleep is necessary to our survival. While it can be tempting to spend as much time awake as possible so we can be productive, not getting enough sleep is actually detrimental to … Read More