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Supercharge your thinking with the co-founders of Beloga

Beloga offers multi-source knowledge management to offer hyper-contextualized insights, streamline workflows, and make information retrieval easy. In this interview, we talked about addressing the challenges of knowledge management and transfer, cultivating an environment conducive to innovation, and their vision of building a world where information is effortlessly accessible and where we can all work at the speed of thought.

Ness Labs Best Books of March 2024

What should you read this month? This is your March 2024 guide to discovering the most insightful, inspiring, and transformative books on mindful productivity, creative growth, holistic ambition, and developing a healthier relationship with work.

Rediscovering Ikigai: What We Got Wrong and How to Find Meaning in Life

I lived in Japan for seven months when I was younger. For all of the challenges I faced there as a woman and a foreigner, I still learned a lot from Japanese culture. Because Japan experienced a long period of relative isolation from the outside world — caused by sakoku (literally “closed country”), the isolationist … Read More

Use AI to expand your thinking with Lilly Chen, founder of Brainstory

Lilly Chen is the founder of Brainstory, an AI-powered “think out-loud” app based on the Socratic method of questioning. In this interview, we talked about how to use AI for better thinking, how to practice open-mindedness and curious questioning, how to make context sharing efficient, asynchronous, and equal, how to use AI-based open-ended journaling to improve communication and focus, and much more.

The Curiosity Conflict: Why we Struggle to Shift from Exploration to Exploitation

Do you always find yourself excited by new ideas and projects? Being naturally curious, you enjoy learning, discovering new insights, and developing your skills. Your curiosity is one of your greatest strengths, driving you to explore and grow. But that same curiosity can be a double-edged sword. With so many ideas competing for your attention, … Read More