Presenteeism: The Hidden Productivity Killer

Much has been written about the cost of absenteeism, with some calling it The Bottom-Line Killer. For entrepreneurs who don’t have a boss tracking their work hours, absenteeism may simply mean being checked out and not showing up. But there’s a hidden productivity killer we should perhaps pay more attention to: presenteeism. Presenteeism is working … Read More

Environmental Psychology: How Your Surroundings Shape Your Mind

Look up from your screen for a second. Where are you right now? Do you feel comfortable, curious, a bit cramped? Notice how the environment around you affects your experience. Humans constantly change their environment, and in turn, the environment changes our behaviors. Environmental psychology focuses on the interplay between people and their surroundings: how … Read More

From FOMO to JOMO: The Joy of Missing out

I’m lucky to live in a city where lots of stuff happens. There’s always a conference, an exhibition, a meetup. I never really struggle to find something to do. I also spend a lot of time on the Internet, so there are talks, live streams, and chats happening online. And then, of course, there are … Read More

The Shiny Toy Syndrome: When We Chase Novelty at Work

You’re at your desk, ready to write an article. A quick mind map might help organize your thoughts, so you start scribbling in your notebook. But then, a nagging thought arises: isn’t there a better tool out there? Before you know it, you’re searching for alternatives and watching tutorials. Hours slip by, and your article … Read More

The Tyranny of Job Titles: From Vanity Growth to Personal Growth

When I started working at Google, I was quickly introduced to the job ladder that has since become pervasive in the tech industry. Depending on your first job there, you get assigned to a particular ladder, with fixed accomplishments to demonstrate in order to climb to the next level. For example, in marketing, you are … Read More

The Self-Motivation Toolkit: How to Stay Curious and Committed

Motivation is a fickle friend. One day, you’re bursting with energy and enthusiasm, tackling your projects with a sense of flow. The next, you find yourself stuck in a rut, struggling to muster the drive to get anything done. It’s a frustrating cycle that can leave you feeling helpless and unproductive. This is especially true … Read More