Deliberate doubt: the art of questioning our assumptions

Socrates, Galileo, Marie Curie, Einstein… What did these great thinkers have in common? They all practiced deliberate doubt and used it as a tool to improve their thinking and generate creative ideas. Deliberate doubt is the practice of actively questioning our beliefs and assumptions. It is about suspending our certainty and letting go of our … Read More

Reopening the mind: how cognitive closure kills creative thinking

Finding answers is a highly-valued skill in today’s world, where more than ever knowledge is power. We pride ourselves in quickly resolving issues and creating consensus. In job descriptions, companies clearly state that they are looking for problem solvers. But what if this single-mindedness blinds us to more creative answers? What would happen if we … Read More

AI and I: The Age of Artificial Creativity

A new generation of AI tools is taking the world by storm. These tools can help you write better, code faster, and generate unique imagery at scale. People are using AI tools to produce entire blog posts, create content for their company’s social media channels, and craft enticing sales emails. The advent of such powerful … Read More

Use timeboxing to regain calmness and control with Marie Ng, founder of Llama Life

Welcome to this edition of our interview series, where we meet with founders on a mission to help us work better and happier. Marie Ng is a long-time Ness Labs reader and the founder of Llama Life, a uniquely designed tool to manage timeboxed working sessions. The quirky branding, the attention to details, the simple … Read More

Everything is aiming: forget the target and focus on your aim

We live in a world obsessed with outcomes. At school, we’re encouraged to climb an artificial leaderboard that reflects our test scores. At work, performance is based on reaching specific targets, sometimes known as OKRs for “Objectives and Key Results.” In this goal-based society, success is defined by how our peers evaluate our track record. … Read More

Bridging chaos and coordination with Cara Borenstein, co-founder of Stashpad

Welcome to this edition of our Tools for Thought series, where we interview founders on a mission to help us think faster and work better together. Cara Borenstein is the co-founder of Stashpad, a fast and easy-to-use notepad designed to help developers stay organized as they work without breaking their flow. In this interview, we … Read More

Getting everyone on the same page with Michael Villar, founder of Height

Welcome to this edition of our Tools for Thought series, where we interview founders on a mission to help us work better without sacrificing our mental health. Michael Villar is the founder of Height, the all-in-one tool to share project management across the entire company. Before starting Height, Michael co-founded another productivity startup, and was … Read More